Posted in the general section before I realized this forum was here...

One of the many things I love about is the number of very specific forums. There are riding style forums (AM, XC, Dirt Jump), part specific forums (drivetrain, suspension, etc.), regional forums, and bike manufacturer forums. Love it!

But the challenge with all those forums is that it is a bit cumbersome to scroll around those dozens of forums looking for the handful that I'm interested in. And, yes, I fully realize how ironic it is to be complaining about how often I have to spin the little scroll wheel on my mouse when I spend my free time pedaling a bike up hills. But work with me for a sec...

Would it be possible to set some forums as a favorites and have them displayed at the top of all the other forums. That way, when I click the forums link, I would see my favorites at the top, like:

Car and Bike
Endurance XC racing
Where are the Best Deals
XC Racing and Training

...all the rest... works that way for the leaderboard. There may be 150 golfers on the board in order of score. But you can click an icon next to any golfer's name, which makes him a favorite, and automatically puts his score on top of the board regardless of where he ranks.

Does the new message board have this functionality? Can it be added?