Ok, so the time has come that you guys put up some kind of Sticky Thread on "How to Identify Scam" websites.

It is becoming a daily occurance where a new thread pops up asking if "XXXXXXX" online shop is legit. You know these sites, the BS online shops that are always located in Singapore/Indonesia that advertise bikes for prices too good to be true. Sites that claim they accept credit cards only to require money transfer services. Sites that claim they sell Cannondale/Giant/Specialized online and ship(we all know the Manuf's don't allow internet sales). Sites that claim Free Worldwide shipping on complete bikes in 3-5 days.

Sites that use the same exact layout and stollen pics of legitimate sites, and only change the URL address.

rasmtb.com - too good to be true!!



Bikers Hub Legit or Scam?

Bikers Hub Legit or Scam?

How many times to we users have to continue to warn potential buyers in threads like that.