(long time member, only a recent poster).

I have started to receive spam mails to the email address that I created specifically for membership of this forum, starting about 2 months ago - before my first post on the forum.

As far as I can gather the email addresses are not exposed to the public here, and I'm fairly sure that nothing has been exposed from my clients. This suggests that there has either been a breach of the user DB, or that portions of the DB were provided to 3rd parties.

I own the domain name at the root of my email address, and I use site-specific addresses specifically to make it easier to push emails to local folders - so it is very easy for me to see if I get mails from sources that shouldn't have my email.

It's just an FYI to the admins. If you want headers of the mails to get the source of the mails, I can easily assist - my day job is a Unix sysadmin with a good bit of training in network security.