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    Painful slowness

    It seems like the site is getting slower with time. A year ago I didn't notice any issue. Now, I'm to the point that I regret trying to browse the forums. Every click produces a wait.

    Same on several different devices -- laptops, ipad, phone. The other forum sites I visit do not have this issue; they pop right up with no lag. I've used tapatalk, which seems to work more quickly, but I'm not so much a fan of that format for browsing MTBR.

    I hope it's something that can be worked out, because as is, my browsing here is going to be severely curtailed.

    Best regards, greg...

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    Can you tell me what browser and OS you are using?

    Is it constant or intermittent?

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    Hi, g,

    Phone: Safari/iOS 7.1.2
    Ipad: Safari/?
    MacBook Pro: Firefox/OSX 10.9.5
    MacBook Air: Firefox/OSX 10.9.4

    Consistently slow.

    The MB Air seems to have a bit less an issue with speed. Alas, that's the wife's lappy...


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    Wow, two years of complaints and someone is finally appearing to look into it.

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    Must be on your end. I browse at work, on my andriod phone and tablet, and my home laptop. No slowness, been the same speed for the last 5 years I've been using mtbr.

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    I have the same issue on my Ipad at home. Every other forum loads fine but this site. I was hoping it would get better after moving to IOS8 but nothing changed. It is really, really slow.

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    It took me about 30 mins. of waiting to get to this point, where I can tell you that... today's problem is -


    is a bad link or spam or something... but it's a problem, when trying to open any page on this site (today). It shows up in my Activity window as a "bad gateway" and seems to be causing the painful slowness today.

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