Hey there!, I work as a broker in a southern Vt real estate office, as well as head up a local mtnbk club, belong to local trailgroups in several towns, belong to one of the conservation commissions, and a commission overseeing a now defunct 300 acre ski area. My point is that I am keenly aware of real estate opportunities that mtnbkrs would enjoy, preseve, and contribute to the trail inventory. Often we find historic route vanishing to either new development or resale to folks who have no interest in providing access thru or across large parcels of wooded land. Historic routes vanish and loops are destroyed all because someone new is unfamiliar with what has taken place for years.
The challenge to you folks is to provide a location or category, perhaps within the state or region categories, for some notice of real estate opportunities that directly relate to mtnbkng. For example, while I am helping steer or promote sustainable trail design on this 300 acre parcel that connects to networks of local trails, the former restaurant, several small cabins, and the rest of the commercial zone separating the two halves of the property are for sale. Someone intrested in creating a "landing zone" for tourists and mtnbkrs in a spot commanding a 300 mile view could help create anoth southern Kingdom Trails. Or, someone else could decide there's no place for hikers, or bikers making it more difficult to access the property for whatever purposes they might have.
Or it's the 87 acre parcel with logging roads adn nature trails that's connected a the abandoned historic roadways connected to and linking with the trail systems on abutting 1500+ acre parcels with existing trails and college property with trails.
Another 700 acre farm was purchased by someone of celebrity and the stockade fence went up around the historic house portion and motion detectors on the carriage trails and singlet track. Now that's neighborly! But it's for sale.
It seems like it would be nice to reach folks that are interested in biking and access. Whether it constitutes an avenue for advertising and revenue or trail advocacy and access, I don't know. I just know that there are some killer places available for folks like us to enjoy and help shape neighborhoods and patterns of use that benefits all of us.