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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Here are some frames, make them an offer...

    High Quality K2 Attack 2.0 Mountain Bike 18-19" Frame

    Oh yeah, Why is the K2 Forum missing again?
    I was very tempted to buy the frame from that site, but after reading a lot of bad reviews about the website, i feared they might screw me over. It looked like a lot of people have been scammed by them. But, i wanted to give it a try so I called and spoke to a customer rep. he was unsure if they had the frame and didn't even really check if they did. He told me that if it's on the website then just place an order... I was not convinced. I really appreciate the help, but I have to be extra cautious when purchasing items online.

    K2's aren't that bad

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    Anyone remember the Animal?

    I got a 2000 Razorback HT. Frame made in the USA, Easton tubing. Made it a singlespeed in 02' and it was about the only MTB I rode till a month ago. Ridden the hell out of that thing. Ridden the 02' Psylo into the ground, but am gonna try to get a new fork for it when I have some coin. Maybe a rigid 29er to keep it raked out. Keeping the vbrakes cause they work pissa.

    Sadly they did become crap.

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    K2 is no longer relevant. The K2 forum was removed probably because of the lack of activity.....kinda like the Litespeed forum should be removed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    I'd like to see the K2 Forum back as well, I have an old 2001 Attack that is my primary bike...made at a time when they were bike shop grade bikes. It's a great bike and I'll ride it until it disintegrates :-)
    Regardless of where the bikes are sold though, aren't they also mountain bikes?
    and isn't this a mountain bike forum?
    I don't see a place for bike snobbery if this is a community. I frequent MTBNJ more often than here but I stop in now and again to see what's up on the national scene.
    If it's all someone can afford, isn't it better that they re out riding regardless of what they are on?
    I realize that the OP never got a straight answer and that was all he was looking for. Does no one know why the forum went missing?
    maybe just lack of participation?
    You have to agree, there is a better chance it would get more, if people can see it ;-)


    Flame away if you'd like :-)

    lol! well, The end has come for my trusty 2001 K2 attack. I snapped the rear triangle in one place and it has stress cracks all over it. We had some good times together but I was unable to find a replacement rear triangle. It's now hanging in honor on the wall of my garage. :-) Keep riding your K2's gents. If you see a rear triangle for an attack floating around, shoot me a message. Ride on!

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    Bring back the K2 forum!
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    Quote Originally Posted by red5
    the thingamajig that's attached to the doohickey is causing some issues with the whatchamacallit. But whatever it is your going to have take'er apart a give'er a looksee.
    Quote Originally Posted by Raptordude
    Ugh...judging drops on MTBR is like guys judging their own penis size.

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