The only way I was able to post this is by allowing adobe flash to crash. The problem is too aggressive advertizements refuse to allow me even to scroll down the page without resetting the page to the top. I can't even read the advertizements at the bottom it is so bad. As a content provider we are the ones who bring in the viewers. Blocking adobe flash is no better since the notices to allow adobe flash permission notice to come on sever times a second causing the page to vibrate up and down. You made your choice I was reading Byte magazine since the 70's They estimated in 1980 90 percent of all software was stolen property. As a result programers like my self were not able to make a living. If so you would have control of your computer. Advertisers would not be able to open new tabs without your permission. Advertisers would not be allowed to scroll a page. On some lever I think it's funny. I have done over one hundred thousand miles and belong to a club that takes a one in a thousand IQ. Your loss.