I wanted to wait a few days of the new version before commenting. At first, I did not like the look but I was able to find ways to adjust things so that it looks and works better than the old version. For the most part, I like the upgrade.

Right now there are two things that I wish were present from the old version:

1) Quick Navigation Pull Down:
I enjoyed the way the old version would stay current to the forum section I was viewing at the time. When I clicked on the pull down, it would be at the current forum I was viewing and allow me to scroll down or up from that forum section. Currently, each time I click on the pull down, the menu starts me from the top which forces me to scroll all the way down toward the bottom for the lower forums.

2) When clicking on the "Last Post By" to see that latest post, the post is displayed as before. However, when scrolling down to see the whole thread in "Hybrid" or "Threaded" views, the old version used to have a different colored folder to highlight the most recent threads. The new version uses all white folders with simply a bold text to indicate the most recent post.

In the end, overall the upgrades look great. Just a couple of small little things that I think can make it looks great.

Thanks so much for all the efforts and time. I know it's always hard to please everyone.