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Thread: 1 hour wait

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    1 hour wait

    Made this post - Help, our bikes were stolen.

    Hit reply !

    Then waited an entire hour (went out in the garage) !!

    And this forum NEVER reloaded the page

    The browser just sat there, turned white, and waited for the completion of a response from MTBR.

    It's a good thing I've got better things to do, because if I waited for this forum to respond, I'd die, first ... The user experience SUCKS, and the work arounds make it inconducive to utilize this forum for good.


    I know this isn't your fault
    , but I happen to like this place, and the upgrade has been nothing but a downgrade, as I'm sure you know.

    I'll suggest that you all revolt, let the spam fill the place up (filters still not on, I presume), and perhaps then, the sys admin people will get the hint ... Or, perhaps it's time to get the sponsors involved !!

    Bring on the violin's ... This place is IMHO dying.

    Fix it, or take it off-line

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    Nor this thread ... Time to start pinging a server ?

    WOW !!
    No response .. I.E. unable to contact

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