Ride Report:
After being built on Wednesday, doing 1 hour lunch rides along the river on Thursday & Friday, and watching sunny days develop Saturday and Sunday, I decided that the first official Sunday Evening Ride of the season would coincide with the Surly’s first official trail ride of the season (and mine).

3:00 pm and a phone call confirmed that everyone was bailing on me, so I hollered down the stairs to the 7 year old and the whoop of excitement verified that he was definitely interested in being the ride partner.

Finally loaded up, we hit the highway and drove west, into increasingly ominous dark horizons. Rain beat down in great black sheets all around, including right about where we were headed. A few drops hit the windshield as we approached, and I was worried we’d be rained out after such nice weather all weekend. Figures. The sky was gray and the wind howled as I unloaded – we were the only two in the park. Garrett zoomed around and chided me to hurry up. Shoes buckled, helmet on, bare legs freezing in the 35 mph wind, I led us into the woods and onto the trail still looking the same as it did last fall. Ahhh….it felt so good to stand on the pedals and mash that single speed up the first little climb. I cheered Garrett on as he crested that same hill behind me – positively glowing with pride.

And so it went. The 34x18 and 2.4 Motoraptors were perfect for my local trails, Garrett had a few crashes, and of course he pooped out long before I wanted to leave. I’ll have to head back out by myself ASAP for some good fast laps, but I can’t believe how great it feels to be back on the single track with my single speed. What the heck took me so long to get back in the game?