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    Sliding dropouts and tire clearance/position to the frame.

    I just recently installed Big Apple 2.35 tires on my 2012 Kona Unit, as well as replaced the 18T Cog with a 16T. The tires clearance was never an issue with the dropouts all way forward but obviously the cog change left my chain loose so I had to slide the dropouts back a little over half way in order to get ideal chain tension.

    It got me thinking about the dropouts location and tire clearance/position on the frame. Is there an optimal/safe location the sliding dropouts should sit? What about tire location and how much clearance should there be between the frame and the tire? Obviously the sliding dropouts are there for a reason but is it better to keep the tire as close to the frame as possible?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum but I wanted SSer's point of view



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    You have enough clearance when the tire doesn't rub. If it rubs, you don't have enough clearance. General belief is that shorter chainstays are better than longer, so most SS'ers will shoot to have the sliders towards the front as much as possible. Most frames have less tire clearance when the sliders are all the way forward though, so sometimes a compromise is necessary. The reason the sliding dropouts are there is purely for chain tension adjustments, but smart application of their use can have significant placebo effect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by solo-x View Post
    but smart application of their use can have significant placebo effect.
    Love this statement!

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