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    Sea Otter Karaoke

    The best Sea Otter party happened to be at Pennyfarthing Pub in Salinas. About 25 Socal and Norcal SSers gathered to have some Atkins approved food and lite beer.

    It was all well and good until the karaoke machine kicked in and Andy aka Rut started flirting with the local yokels Billy-jean and Billy Bob.

    Billy bob's cellmate got pissed and demanded that Andy sing an Elton John song or he'd open a can of whupass on him.

    The rest is karaoke infamy. Turn down your volumes and listen to this clip while you view the photos below.

    Again the video is here: clip

    p.s. someone please name all the folks in the photos.

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    hold me closer, indeed

    Quote Originally Posted by francois
    p.s. someone please name all the folks in the photos.
    Kids table:

    CW: Ken aka gpsser aka SSkinhead, Ruben, Adrienne, HW. Riding buds of mine from LA, motel roomies and driving pardners. They're good people. Ruben pulled off the 50 mile fun ride on Sat. and watched the group slowly bail until he was solo from mile 40 on to the finish. Nice one Rubey Adrienne hung in for a solid 18. Ken and I rode "sweep" in the SS race, because we're givers like that.

    bummed we couldn't stay for karaoke! you guys rawk. Hard.


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    Who got the camera drunk? And how do you get a camera drunk? I like that effect.

    Sorry I missed you guys. I was tired, got lost, went back to my motel and went to sleep.

    Next time.
    Back of the camera, back of the pack.

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