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    Rigid Fork Question

    New to rigids and feel kinda dumb asking this but am looking at a used White Brothers rigid fork for my wuss. I'm checking on the ac length but it came off a 29er. Is ac they only factor here or do they make 29er specific and 26er specific rigid forks? Will it work if the ac is right- looking for something around 44-45cm?

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    Here is a link to their site.

    I am running the 445mm (close to 45cm) on my 26" w/ Race King 2.2's (height of these tires is closer to that of a 2.4) and I still have about 2+" of clearance on the front. I don't see that they have a 29er specific Rock Solid fork only that it is available in about 3 different lengths. I think I could come close to squeezing a 29" wheel in mine but I would need to make sure the tire height was low enough. Can you have the guy measure it?

    I love mine! I will be looking to buy another one if I build up a 29er!

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    If your looking for something with 44-45 cm AC looks like the 445mm fork they offer will do the trick...regardless if it's 26/29 specific

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    The 445 will result in the feel of running a bike with an 80mm travel squish front. That is what I was taking off so I was very pleased to hop on the bike and have the steering feel the same but more responsive and lighter due to the lack of squish! Love it!

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    i'm running the 445 on my bianchi lewis.

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    A-C measurement is indeed all that matters, dependent on frame design. For instance, I run a "29er" fork on my 26"-wheeled Vulture frame because that frame was designed to utilize a 5" travel sus fork. So any 26" rigid fork would be too short. So let your frame design parameters dictate your fork length, not wheel size.

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