I saw you in the shop and I walked on by
picked up the Mavic 10 speed cause it looked so fly
took it home, checked my post and then took it back
said give me a PC-58 cause the Mavic's wack
gyeah! uh-huh, now everybody say Hooooo!
strapped up my Spot ring, F' the Jerichooooo
cause it's too much money too spend it was bent
said I have to break up with you, "lets just be friends"
and anyway party people, yo the spot is hotter
5 arms compared to three?
that's an unfair contest
aiiiiiight! so I took the bolts off of my road bike
single ring style, looked so hot--thought it would ignite
SIKE! off to the trail, so happy
barspins, J hops, whips, nuns and wheelies
and the wheels weren't slippin
so I wasn't cussing
people checkin me out on trail like US an airport
more pleasure than rednecks and newports
left in the civic and was bumpin some Too Short
the moral of the story?...don't player hate
go to your nearest shop and get a PC-58

GYEAH! great ride today on the black monkey, went to a v-brake on the rear, same Am Classic/Delgado wheel, pc-58 and spot ring<=no guard yet, still a great ride...I'll post pics of the bike in it's current status later this the first ride on the CX-1 and it was nice!

Happy Easter