• 03-30-2017

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    lol, no, I meant you were just trying not to die.

    it only took me 2 days, but now i understand what you were trying to say. lol

    what can i say? im not the brightest tool in the hen house...
  • 03-30-2017

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    Not quite done, and wearing some old Hayes brakes/rotors while waiting on warranty replacements for a SRAM Guide RS set, but I'll put it here since it just went SS after a few weeks of riding in the same gear.

    2016 Canfield Yelli Screamy
    -Reba "RCT3" 120mm
    -Arch Mk3/DT350(36T) w/XR3 Team Issue rear
    -Flow Mk3/DT350 w/XR4 Team Issue front
    -shimmed KS Lev 272 dropper
    -huge PITA SS conversion w/a Blackspire Stinger that required Dremeling it to clear the chainstays, plus a 0 offset direct mount chainring and way outboard cog to match, but it works as well as any fixed tensioning method could with an oval. When it comes time to replace the chainring, I'm going back to a Singleator, though(no slop with an oval).

    'Course I can't tell any difference pedaling it, but I sure did enjoy pulling that shifter and RD off.

    Good to have you back!
  • 03-31-2017
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    Bee's Knees
    The Bee's Knees got some new parts today!

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  • 03-31-2017

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    Good to have you back!

    Thanks! Less is more;)
  • 04-04-2017
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    Hello! I´m new here!
    Hi! Greetings from Cádiz, Spain. Here is mine Unit 2016.
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  • 04-05-2017
    Johnny Rhubarb
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  • 04-05-2017
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    my most recent build.... 1990 rockhopper, got it for free..... cut off some of the cable stops, accessory mounts and the deraileur hanger..... everything I had on hand so it didnt cost anything.... just needs a front brake cable.... the one thing I didnt have.... the ones I did have were too short
  • 04-06-2017
    Jack Burns
    The SS pea we her man went on another fascinating voyage this evening. Don't lose any sleep. It's really that exciting, you already knew it, because my girl friends dig the SS.


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  • 04-06-2017
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    Ros 9, Reba 120, SLX cranks and brakes, 34/19. Tons of fun on trails. Also rode a 100k gravel grind on Saturday. Only slightly heavier than my previous Soma Juice.