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    My wife gets it..

    My wife jumped on my Jabber today and cruised it up and down this fire road where we were parked. She comes back and

    wife: I see why you like this bike so much
    me: Why?
    wife: It's fun!

    It's that simple

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    great story. good woman.

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    Haaaa. Awesome! Definite winner right there.

    I love my girlfriend to death, but she's definitely a runner. She doesn't like biking at all. I'm trying to persuade her to go with me sometime.

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    +1. My missus loves her new SS.

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    Awesome! My boyfriend has been cycling for 30 something years, I'm still new to it, like 4 yrs ago new. But he's sure fed the addiction. I am expecting a 5th (my first fixie), tomorrow. I live for my road bike, LOVE mtn biking, and am hoping to do some touring. I rode a fixie awhile back, thought it was cool and a challenge, so we'll see if I like it. If not, hey, it's all good. But I wanna find out!

    It's great when couples find stuff like cycling to do together. It's so hard when one has zero appreciation for the passion the other feels for something.
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