Consider the following:

After watching the first four episodes of the MacGyver series on DVD (season one disc one) and giving it a few moments idle consideration, I believe we can safely say that Mac was a singlespeeder.

1) He doesn't use guns. "I do much better without them." No guns = no gears.
2) Swiss army knife. Compared to the Crocadile Dundee knife this is the equivalent of a rigid SS (maybe even a Fixie) compared to a 9 speed Coiler.
3) He's from Minnasota.
4) In Mac's line of work speed and efficiency come second to strength and reliability. For instance if he was trying to escape a corrupt general in some tiny south american monarchy and had to make it to a cliff so he could parachute to safety in the tiny village below, a SS would be the ideal choice of cyclery.
5) on an SS Duck Tape could be used as a chain in a pinch.
6) Duck Tape could be used as tires, tubes, grips, break pads, handlebars and bottom bracket. In a pinch.


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