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    I think I am addicted to S.S.

    It all started with my redline monocog. Then a single speed road bike and now I am selling my salsa Fargo and replacing it with a single speed cyclocross bike. I do probably 90% of my riding by myself (stupid work schedule) when I have gears I am so slow and putzy but when I am on a single speed I have no choose then to just go. So it just works for me. My fat bike has an igh but I have a second set of wheels to run it s.s. also. I think I am addicted but I am OK with it.

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    Re: I think I am addicted to S.S.

    I hear you man. I had a monocog and couldnt believe the fun I had with ss.

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    Addictions don't count against you if you acknowledge and accept them.

    Remember who
    you wanted to be.

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