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    Good SS Chainrings?

    I'm looking for a chainring too use on my 1X9 that will hold the chain on better than my current ramped and pinned ring. Just wondering, does the RaceFace DH ring do a reasonable job of holding the chain on with out a chainguide? I can't really afford a chain guide. Anyone have one to sell me on the cheap? Also, how well do the RF rings get pounded on w/o bending? How 'bout the FSA DH rings for the above questions? Others? I have had problems bending rings.

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    I find the Blackspire rings are tough and work well.

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    spot rings are quite stout, and "they've got big teeth"!
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    Three I like

    Spot, Salsa, and Blackspire have been good for me. I have had very out of round rings from Rocket and Vuelta that were too bad for use on an SS bike. The Surly Stainless Steel rings are probably nice if the weight is not an issue.
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    My favorite LBS has a Salsa in. That should be ok, no?

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    I like the longevity of the surly steel chainring. I dont worry about weight so it works for me. I would have to guess that I probably would of gone through 2-3 rings by now if they were aluminium

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