I just got this email below. I suggest any bike rider in Southern california make the time to attend this council meeting coming on Tuesday, December 28th at 7:30pm. All potential trail closures effect even the open trails we all ride in our area. Here is the letter.

I wanted to see if you were interested in participating in a meeting with me and members of the www.Coyote Hiils.org group. Our interest is in stopping the development of homes in Coyote Hills. The purpose of the meeting is to try on come up with fundraising ideas and finalize and idea that I have which is aimed at showing the council members of Fullerton that Coyote Hills / "The Loop" is important to the community and other trail users. Publicity is going to be a big part of this event.

Your help is needed in planning and supporting this very important event. This is a very important issue to me because I use the "Loop" often and value having this trail at my disposal. Think of the possibilities. We could stop environmental destruction which in it self would be a huge success and help save natural wildlife as well. Additionally, we could open up part of Coyote Hills that has never been open to the public before. This is not only a good opportunity to do some good for the community but to possibly expand the "Loop" for everyone’s use as well.

Please come out to the meeting to help plain this event. It is NOT too late for us to have an impact on the future of Coyote Hills/ “The Loop”. Expect the meeting to last about one hour. Tell everyone you know and bring a friend to the meeting. We all "know some one" and we all know a lot of people in the cycling community. Let's work to get a lot of people to participate in this meeting. Please notify me if you plan on attending so I can inform the group of how many will show.

Contact me at seatstay@Yahoo.com


Please join us for the meeting on Tuesday, December 28th at 7:30pm

Visit Coyotehills.org for additional information.