Ok I didn't kno where to post this, so since it is in reference to my SS I gonna put it here.

I've got a 2011 RH Comp29er(not anymore) I converted to SS. I've upgraded most of the stuff in it besides the conversion. Now I'm looking at changing the frame next. Looking to make the bike a bit lighter. So the frames I'm looking at are the Stumpjumper or the Scott Scale frames. It seems both frames weight about the same. I should be saving 1-2 ponds on either of those two. I'm currently using a 100mm travel RebaXX so keep that in mind. I really like the geometry of my RH as well but wouldn't mind like I said shed some weight and snappier and more responsive frame. So what you guys think. Anyone running this frames in a SS that can shed some light on the subject? Thanks.