I didn't know what I was in for.
Showed up at 10am, hung out, had a mocha.

"Is everyone ready to go?" 45 minutes later. I am not a a schedual.
The MC hands me a paper with a location. "OH, SIHT. I'm not really prepared."
Everyone takes off. All six of us. I go back to the car. Grab the camel and squeeze the sunscreen.
Fortunately 3% of the ride is on the SS night ride course/area. At least I'm from here. Since this is a race I can't really figure out the best way to get to the first checkpoint. Lots of dead end streets in a canyonous area. Yes, I said canyonous.
Pretty sure I was last to all three check points. But, I knew where I was going.

No big deal about the second stop. Untill she hands me the slip for the third local. MAAaaann, we darn near just came from there.
I get to the final stop the the MCs house and I'm fourth out of six with one DNF.

They are all on track bikes, 42x16s? and one roadie(DNF) and I'm on my usuall FULLY SUSPENDED, meaty tired single speed. 32x18.

I think I'll get an SS crossbike.

Hey folks, your local LBS will be ramming crossbikes down your throats this coming season. It is so in.