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    economy SS frame: cross or mtb?

    where to buy an economy SS frame: cross or mtb? chromolly preferred. medium/19".
    i have XT/LX gruppo set and a Manitou coil fork from a whole spare bike, a Moab 3, to canibalized parts from, nearly new, to set it up with. i guess i'll donate the shifters, cassette, and rings. think i'll go ridgid fork and donate that Manitou also.

    My old Kona Lavadome ht will remain, my main ride and phat race rig.
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    I was recently in a similar quandry... Steel MTB or cross? New or used? Buildup or buy complete? Everybody raves about the Cross Check.

    But my limiting factors were price ($400 budgeted), having something that allowed me to commute in most weather conditions, and knowing that it would sometimes be locked up outside. Still, I wanted a bomber, but sweet ride.

    Since I'm not a roadie, I ended up going with a 2006 RL Monocog. My LBS got me one for $389 complete (friends in high places!). Swapped out the seat and tires, threw on some clipless, bar ends and fenders, and... Yippee!

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