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    Which Bike Rack for my singlespeed bike?

    Hi guys

    I dont know which bike rack i should use to hang my bike on the wall at home. I have been looking at a few different around the net:

    Bike rack in Oak, pretty stylish but a bit expensive?
    Copenhagen Road Bike Racks, Cykelophæng

    Bike hanger in plexiglas, a bit alternative?

    Then there the 'bucket' from Cyclo?
    Cycloc Bike Storage | Buy Online |

    What solutions do you guys use for hanging your bikes?

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    i use cheap storage hook like this

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    screw one on the wall or two on ceiling if you want it upside-down. make sure to use a stud finder.
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    I use the $4 rear tire holder rack or the $4 trainer rack. Both found at goodwill. My bikes are always way too messy to be on a super nice rack inside my house

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    I don't know what forum you should ask in so I guess singlespeed is as good a place as any. I have these they are basically a fancy version of the hook above. Delta Leonardo Single-Bike Rack, Colors May Vary: Sports & Outdoors

    Its offered with a tray to hold the rear wheel too if you need to protect the wall.

    The only problem is it can be challenging to get a fat tire on - I struggle with it sometimes after a long ride if using one of the higher mounted hooks. For reference I have a 2.4 conti x-king on arches.
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