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    New question here. best Isis bottom bracket

    looking to replace worn out Isis BB on my surly 1x1 any suggestions on a good one for single speed use? maybe one with two bearings on drive side or not necessary? its an old race face turbine crankset

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    for the price, cobalt bro's cyan was the one I settled on after my research.

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    Yep, Crank Bros ISIS BBs are very good.

    I had 2 ISIS cranksets I loved. A Middleburn and a Turbine. Last year, after many hard miles of use the crank arm snapped right in half on me during a hard stroke.

    While I still had 2 ISIS cranks left figured I'd stock up on the BBs as it looked like they were not being made any more. Bought a few of the Cranks Brothers (Cobalt or Cyan - can't recall) on a sale rack.

    I think the Cyan is targeted toward roadies and has a shorter spindle (?108mm), the Cobalt is aimed at mtb and I think comes in a 113 spindle.

    While I have several years on the Crank Bros BB it is still going strong. Not sure if I'll ever get around to using all the spares I picked up.

    So, if you can't find any online, shoot me a pm if you'd be interested in a new spare I have.

    SKS (or SKF), I can't recall, out of Germany made super ISIS BBs. The one I have, while a bit heavy seems totally indestructible. Unlike the Crank Bros which can be used on 73 or 68mm shells, the SKF only fits a 68mm.

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    Miker J has it all right. I needed the 108 spindle from the cyan so went with that. Everything else he said is right on as well.

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    best Isis bottom bracket

    Pm me I think I have a TI crank bros Isis Bb I'd sell you

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