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    Belt Drive Fixed Gear MTB

    was perusing Gates website and found they now offer a 6 bolt belt cog. naturally I was intrigued. ordered the cog/belt/pulley then collected some parts from my shop.

    while waiting on the parts was hit by a car on my roadie (also a fixie, by happenstance) so the project got shelved for a couple of weeks. completed it once my palms healed up enough and have since been out flogging it in Cameron Park.

    rides smooooooth with no drivetrain flex or tight spots. it will be interesting to see how the belt holds up to the task long term.

    Belt Drive Fixed Gear MTB-rocker-1%5B1%5D.jpg

    Belt Drive Fixed Gear MTB-rocker-8%5B1%5D.jpg

    Belt Drive Fixed Gear MTB-rocker-9%5B1%5D.jpg

    Belt Drive Fixed Gear MTB-rocker-4%5B1%5D.jpg

    Belt Drive Fixed Gear MTB-rocker-5%5B1%5D.jpg

    Spot Brand Rocker frame (853 steel)
    Gates cog, pulley, and belt (39/22 for a 1.77 ratio)
    SLX cranks
    RaceFace bb
    King headset
    Krampus fork
    Surly/King Rabbit Hole front wheel
    Knard 29x3 tubeless
    WTB TCS Trail 29 rear wheel
    WTB Bronson 2.2 tubeless
    Elixr9 brake w/180 rotor
    S-Works carbon post
    Synchros saddle
    On-One Mary bar
    Oury grips
    Origin8 stem
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    Cool! I was planning to drill/mod a standard gates cog to do this, having no chain stretch / back lash issues on a fixie would be nice. I still don't have a belt compatible frame yet, but the Stache looks promising....

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    yeah, the drivetrain is very smooth. you won't regret it when you source an appropriate frame.
    "Knowledge is good." ~ Emil Faber

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    Very interesting.

    What will it say that the frame has to compatible?

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