• 02-01-2011
    Bar ends on sweep handlebars?
    Hello All,

    New to this website and forum and looking for a bit of advice. I'm upgrading a couple of components on my SS, specifically the handle bar.

    I have a 110mm stem with a 10 degree rise and I've purchased an Easton EC70 XC Wide handlebar (685mm). Being fairly new to SS'ing I've heard bar ends are a worthwhile investment.

    I'm looking at the Ergon's with bar ends as the grip and I'm not sure if these are compatible with wide sweep bars?

    Does anyone have any experience with bar ends and sweep handlebars? Good idea, bad idea, better ideas?

    Thank you
  • 02-01-2011
    Here's a pic of my Salsa 17deg sweep bar with Titec Micro bar ends installed. The bar ends point straight forward, not outwards, and the position feels good. Lots of bar ends are angled in to a different degree and so may not line up the same. I've never use the Ergon's so I can't help you there.

    Here's the same setup currently installed on a (non-SS) bike
  • 02-01-2011
    One of Ritchey's bar-ends is designed for swept back bars (Increased 'in' angle!?) and will work well for your application - Check Ritchey's website (I can't remember which model it is) and then have your LBS order them for you.
  • 02-01-2011
    Those are the Ritchey ergo bar ends. Here are mine on my Salsa 17* sweep bar:

    I used regular bar ends for a while, but I didn't care for the straight forward position. These Ritcheys curve in nicely.

    I don't know the specs on your Easton bar, but I'd bet money it has no more than 8 or 9 degrees sweep. In that case, you can use pretty much whatever bar end you like.
  • 02-02-2011
    Thank you for the advice and helpful pictures. You're correct seat_boy, the handle bars only have a 9 degree sweep. Think I'll head to the LBS and check out their stock of bar ends to compare with the Ergons.
  • 02-02-2011
    I use a Salsa Moto flat bar (31in.) with 11 degree sweep with bar ends, and love them. They are angled in, so I don't have any issues with clipping trees. I used to have a riser bar with bar ends, but have really noticed more efficiency with a flat bar....less front wheel pop-up. I use Ergon grips, but not the type with built in bar end. I prefer a full grip bar end. Hope this helps.....:thumbsup: