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    After 6 months on a geared bike, back to SS.

    I have been on a SS bike, for 90% of my riding, easy to conclude I love it. I am on my 8th SS bike, but often feel compelled to try new stuff. I built up a Kona Honzo, 27.5 plus wheels, and gears. I hated the bike, but committed to 6 months of riding it. First thing I did was drop the gears, and BOOM, back at it. Here is what I have learned:
    ~Riding geared bikes is a completely different workout. Sitting position, combined with spinning up hills burns the crap out of my legs, and my lungs want to explode.
    ~I am always in the wrong gear, and often times get dropped by riders I smoke on a SS bike.
    ~For me, riding a geared bike, sitting and spinning is so boring. Riding SS on steep terrain is a full body workout. I woke up sore all over today.
    Perhaps its my conditioning, but I can ride so much faster, and much more miles riding SS.

    "All-Mountain" geo hardtail, SS, with a dropper post is my jam!
    After 6 months on a geared bike, back to SS.-honzo-deux.jpg
    -rides bikes for fun.

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    Yes, good to be back on SS? I have done the same recently.
    The only one I can't fully convert is the Diamond Back Haanjo - Thru axles - and I want to keep it as the geared alternative.
    The Pugsley fat bike, I threw gears on it for better efficiency on sand and snow - a fat bike SS is fun! but throw gears on it if you ever get one and want to use the efficiency of its tires.
    The other bikes in the stable are all SS - because otherwise, I'd cry.

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    Your observations bear out mine, when I switch out to a geared bike.
    One gear for all, 'cus one is all you need.

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    The Honzo works well as a SS? I want one, but I am worried about the low bb on east coast trails. They are sexy tho.

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    Low BB has been an issue, maybe 1/5 rides on my local stuff.
    -rides bikes for fun.

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    I wish the carbon or AL honzo was SS-able
    Kona Process 134DL
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