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    Advice on buying bike: GT Ruckus SS vs Gravity SS vs ?

    Hi everybody!

    So I have been reading up on lots of different threads on this forum and I have gotten some good info. I've narrowed my choices down, but I'd appreciate some advice before I make a purchase. I'm looking to get a beater single speed mtb for some urban riding (bunny hops), short commutes and some trails. Currently I'm looking at getting the 27.5 Gravity SS on bikes direct, but a lightly used GT Ruckus SS has come up on my local craigslist.

    Any opinions between these two bikes, and should I be looking at any other models? Thanks!

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    It looks like a new Ruckus is $769.99 on Jensen and it is a chromoly frame which I prefer. The big thing to keep in mind is the Ruckus is a DJ bike and not a MT bike. If your focus will be trails and commuting I think you'll be happier with the Gravity.
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    Hi bmf032,

    I was actually talking about the Ruckus SS that GT made a few years back, although I am considering a dirt jumper for a hardy "play bike". Here's a link to that GT model I am talking about:

    GT Ruckus SS

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