I know that I posted before, but it bears repeating. There will be no ground fires allowed, either in fire pits that are dug, or just in fire rings. This info is straight from the promoter's mouth, from the head honcho at MTBAccess, and from high mucky mucks from the locals, SDMB. There is info out there that you can just relocate rocks, this is NOT the case. State Land has been very clear on this to the people that are close to the situation. There is a strong possibility that the event could be shut down in the future (as in next year) if the State Land Dept.'s rules are not followed. Be prepared to find another way to stay warm at night. Bring an old weber grill, a chiminea, or a fire pan; just don't burn stuff on the ground. Make sure that you completely clean out your campsite after the event as well, this includes ashes and pet waste. Since the State Land primarily makes money on grazing, this is a huge deal to them, as their is a lease on the grazing rights to that area. If someone leaves something behind, just score in the karma dept. and pick it up. I will be out there with SDMB cleaning up afterwards, but any help on the way out is greatly appreciated. Please use the huge dumpsters that are provided. And above all, like the promoter will remind you, BE NICE!

Thanks for looking,