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    XFusion Vector Air HLR

    I'm thinking about this shock for my Mojo HD 160 as an AM/FR/DH shock over my RP23. So far my RP23 bottoms out even on XC/AM even though the sag is set right. I'm not the only one with this issue and I don't believe shims will cure it. Plus it's not meant for aggressive AM/FR/DH. I know the Vector is new but the coil version is getting good reviews. Do those of you that have experience with X Fusion like their products and think they are good quality? Is anyone else looking at this shock?
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    The vector series are among the best shocks out there.

    Warp did a quick review on a Vector Air fairly recently:
    X-Fusion Vector Air HLR - First Impressions

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    No experience of their shocks but I do have a hilo and some vengeances which I'm very happy with so far. Everything is very well finished, all knobs etc have a very positive feel and the performance seems spot on.

    Based on that I'm considering fitting an air vector in place of a 3 week old rp23 just to complete the x-fusion theme.

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    I would say go for it for the HD 160. I have one on my Reign (not the X) and it is fantastic. On my 2nd Reign now and have had RP2, RP23, RP23 tuned, Monarch Plus RC3 and now the Vector Air HLR. Previous to the Vector I really did like the Monarch, but pretty much left it in open position. I have the Vector on the bike now and it provides the best ride by far.

    It does lack the quick adjustment (flip a lever), but the range of adjustment is superior. Coming from the Monarch and running approx 205 - 210 psi, I run 150psi (+- 5 psi) in the main chamber and around 190psi in the piggy back. 3-5 click HSC and 2-3 LSC. The shock is sooooo smoooooooooth, yet doesn't seem to give up much, if anything, in terms of pedal efficiency.

    Haven't rode a IBIS but have been on a number of DW-Link bikes, so I think the Vector would work quite nicely on the bike to provide a plush and controlled feel.

    Do it and let us know how it turns out.

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    There is a custom tune for the Mojo, well worth the $50 extra at the time you purchase the shock (from X-Fusion).
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    Quote Originally Posted by SSteel View Post
    There is a custom tune for the Mojo, well worth the $50 extra at the time you purchase the shock (from X-Fusion).
    I'd say this is a MUST do if you have a DW link bike as they take a lot less damping force. Any other suspension design you could get away with what comes out of the box but not with DW.

    Have FUN!

    G MAN

    PS - I had a H3-LT prototype from a WC racer that was the best air shock I've ever used so there is no question in my mind the Vector Air (it's successor) is a sick shock!
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