I'm giving up on this post. I have put about 20 hours on it and it has never functioned properly. I've just had it serviced by the Hilo distributor and it's no different. The post is very slow to rise on the last inch or so of travel, which is a major annoyance on the trail. I'm not a big fan of the remote either, the action is very stiff.

I have a 30.6mm KS i950 post on my other bike, which is not without its issues and has been back for a rebuild twice. I'm not comparing the two directly given the different diameters, but the problems with the KS post caused me to go with Hilo when I needed the 27.2mm. With the slow return of the Hilo post I'm likely to try the KS Lev 27.2mm. Anyone got any experience with the KS Lev 27.2mm or know where to buy one?