Guys, I really need your help! I'm currently changing my V-Brake brakes for SLX disc ones. But apparently my current fork
(2002 RockShox Duke XC 80mm) doesn't play well with the front 203mm rotor. Now I urgenly need a new one.

The problem is I haven't got the foggiest when it comes to forks. I've had my current one for six years. The guy servicing my
bike offered me a RockShox Recon 351 from 2006 (new) for 300EUR. But I'd really like something newer and possibly better.
I also don't know what to look for, which technologies, like u-turn and similar. My budget limit is 550EUR.

I was looking at RockShox Revelation 426 but I'd very much like to get a few opinions and suggestions. As mentioned, I need
something with a 80-130mm clearance. I weigh 240lbs and ride hard. I know several manufacturers but if possible would like
to limit myself here to RockShox and Fox. And please, when suggesting models, be specific so I can search local shops.

Thank you!