Looking at swapping my X Fusion O2 RLA rear shock on my 2009 Spesh FSR XC Comp to a Fox Triad shock. Just wondering if anyone has made this change and what people's opinions are of the Fox Triad.

My bike is the bottom of the range so it came with RS Tora forks and the x fusion shock. I have since upgraded to a RS Reba and the difference between the forks is night and day. So having changed the fork and feeling the difference between a mid range and bottom range fork, I am wondering if a rear shock upgrade will do the same. The fox triad shock is the one that came with the top of the range FSR XC pro. It has rebound and propedal settings. The main reason I am thinking of the Triad is that it has the specific stroke for the bike. Therefore the triad would be a direct swap and is tuned specifically for the frame. I would prefer a normal fox rp23 or the ctd ones but they do not make it in the right size. I would have to get the stroke reduced. I know some have run a slightly longer stroke without problems but I perfer to stick to the standard specs. The triad will cost around $300AUD but a modified rp23 is closer to $600. So big price difference. I do general trails, no big jumps or anything.

So how much better is the Fox Triad compared to the X Fusion RLA?

What are people's opinions of the Triad?

Also what's the difference between a Triad I and II.

Thanks for any advice

Sorry for the double post. Not many responses from the Specialized forum