X-Fusion Vengance 170mm HLR (2013 model).
FRAME = Rocky Mountain Altitude 90.

Got a new set of forks and have left them at their preset settings for the time being - BUT.. (and there appears to be zero play in the new headset) - when I lift the front of the bike up, say - just going up a kerb (or even wheelie style lift), I can feel like there is an air gap in the forks before it fully extends back to its full height.. let me explain.. normally I would expect the front to just lift up with no obvious change in the way the fork rebounds (that is a smooth feeling with no jerkiness or anything), but this one it feels as if there is a missing couple of inches and it appears to catch up with itself, almost like the sag difference is noticeable and instead of just extending to its full height smoothly, it does so but allows you to feel it- this can't be normal surely, not noticed it before on any other fork but was not sure if this was a trait of this particular make - it just feels like you have to pull the sag difference back out of the fork yourself rather than it reach full height by itself when the weight is taken off the front wheel.. yet when off the bike, pushing down on the front all seems normal, rebound and compression, all feel and react like normal, any help appreciated.

ps.. I have already sent these forks back once when the seal on the top of the fork blew off and would not stay seated.. Forks have done about 150miles of riding so far..