Hi, I'm really getting the bug to buy a new fork. I managed to demo the Rock Shox Revelation Ti Dual Position back in October of 2011 during a Rock Shox Demo at one of our local trails. I really liked it but heard some mixed things about it on the forums saying that sometimes it would stick at 130 or 140mm after a few rides instead of the full 150.

Anyway, I just noticed the 2012 RockShox Sektor RL Solo Air or RockShox Sector RL Dual Coil Fork has some very good reviews. I haven't search much but I don't think it has the same issue as the Revelation does or did with sticking. It seems like a great fork and I would love to upgrade from my Rock Shox Pike 351.

Here's my measurements on my Bike. From what I understand these should work for my bike since the Revelation did. This is what the guys at the Rock shox demo asked me for my measurements. (Note: Pictures are not my bike just for reference of measurements)
Measurement #1: 500mm (Travel of fork)

Measurement #2: 182mm (Axle-to-crown dimension)

Measurement #3: 132mm Steerer tube length

And here links to the forks I'm looking at. 20MM
The RockShox Sektor RL Solo Air or RockShox Sector RL Dual Coil Fork 2012

Rock Shox Sektor RL Dual Position Coil Forks 2012 | Buy Online | ChainReactionCycles.com

RockShox Sektor RL Solo Air 20QR Fork 2012 at Price Point

And last but not least and Shot of my Bike at the Demo with the Revelation on it.

Thanks for any info on these forks and if they'll work.