Is anyone using a CTD remote? I'm trying to find out how much cable length they pull to see if I can use it for other purposes...

My idea would be to use their dual-control lever with one cable actuating their rear shock, and the other knocking down the travel on Magura Flight Control Remote fork for climbs.

Length of cable pulled is my first concern. Does anyone have one they could measure? (I called Fox a while back... no response yet).

My second concern is the CTD is a 3-position system, whereas the fork is two. I'm thinking just set the cable tension/lengths so that "Climb" mode on the shock is actuated with the same lever pull as the fork travel-reduction; when released the shock goes back to "Trail" mode and fork goes back to normal height; and when released again for "Descend" on shock, the fork-cable just gets some free slack?

Thanks for any input!