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    Tune , Monarch for Scott Spark 29

    Hello. I am considring to swap the dt swiss shock on my spark to an RS monarch.
    First of all, what Monarch should be considere? Are the r and rl adequate, or is it the rt3 that is the right one?
    Second, but most important. What tune (s) am i looking at? I would prefer a form of platform due to the sparks bobbly nature

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    You better buy RT3 version because of the poor pedaling efficiency of the frame. Floodgate would help with this. I would not consider RL version as it's full lockout and there is a chance that you forget to flip a switch when things get rough. Then, the linkage is regressive, so you need progressive shock (small air canister). I'm not sure about shock compression tune, but I think you will need H (heavy compression tune), maybe M (medium)

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