Riding a Raleigh "Mixte" once or twice on NW Carolina trails got me hooked and so, three years ago at the age of 63, I invested $750 in a Haro Flightline Comp. That Hardtail bike was getting a little too exciting on the downhills so I put together an Ebay Heckler frame, wheels and derailleurs from the Haro and LBS additions of brakes and cables and the subject Sektor Fork.

Now I know why I was so quick to move from the Dart 2 locked-out, going uphill, to not needing the feature; same reason I was getting bounced around, generally. The Dart 2 really doesn't do much.

The Sektor RL does not turn a Mountain Bike into a '63 Cadillac. I'm puzzled by many posters here using the word "plush" to describe their shocks ride characteristic. My experience is limited to a universe of two, but, they surely aren't equating "plush" with a "Deuce-and-A-Q" ride? Long before my fork gets to plush it encounters Boing-Boing and wants to throw my butt off the high side.

The ride character is actually Euro-sedan firm and controlled, once adjustments are made. I feared that a dual suspension might remove some of the Trail's challenges, but that's not the case. Roots and rocks are still obstacles and a proper line must be chosen. What is significant is how the suspension holds that line, something it usually does, despite my fumbles.

These observations were made mainly on Cross-Country type trails with the Sektor in it's 120mm configuration. That brings me to my only quibble with the shock, and one that probably shows my inexperience: the inelegant way in which the travel is restricted or released: turn a knob and jump up and down? That's the best the finest minds could do?

At 150mm one is driving an SUV. One and one quarter inch of change in geometry make a noticeable difference in apparent ride height. I like it. I also like that there is little difference in the response to terrain changes, the bike feels much the same on either setting. The stock spring(s), fellow big guys should note, is far too compliant for us. Anywhere but nearly closed on compression and 120mm on travel and a really steep climb results in the pedals driving the fork up and down, robbing energy. I anxiously await the delivery of my stiffie.

I must be getting closer to the end of my transition from low-end hardtail to high-end full suspension because I'm paying less attention to things like finger-pull, rear shock air volume and fork rebound. Apparently, the Sektor is in line with the quality of the Heckler, Fox and Deore components and seldom draws attention to itself.