I'm looking for a little help here - hoping that someone is familiar with the old school Stratos Forks and how to service them.

I just picked up an MX6 on Pinkbike; it was seemingly working fine except for the fact that it was 'clunking' on the rebound/recoil (not to be confused with 'bottoming out'). So I attempted to fix this by draining some oil (by unscrewing the bottom bolt on the rebound leg) to see what that did as I thought there was possibly too much oil in there.

Instead what has happened is now the fork doesn't rebound at all now. I have since even attempted to place back the oil that was taken out by unscrewing the top cap on the same rebound leg and pouring in varying oil levels to no avail to see if I could get some rebound action out of the fork - no luck.

Now the fork is doing the opposite of what it originally did when it was topping out/clunking. It stays compressed and doesn't rebound until after some very aggressive pumping past the first 1.5" of the stanchions entering the lowers...

Could I possibly have screwed up my 'new' old model fork through my process of DIY maintenance? I'm a quite confused now and a little worried that I have a defunct fork....HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!