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    Stance Kingpin mods questions

    I have a Kingpin on a used Bighit I just bought. from what I understand there is some mods that can give this fork half decent performance. I want to keep this fork and improve it's performance if possible.

    I already have a firmer spring installed and have had a suggestion from Dougal to remove the black coating and polish the stanctions to releive some of the stiction.

    I read this post on some mods that this guy has done. I pm him with no response. Can you guys explain what some of these mods do? I have had the fork apart and I understand some of what he is explaining.

    Stance Kingpin mods

    3) Removed the E-clip from the compression shaft to allow the Plus piston to extend to the end of the shaft.

    What does this do for performance?

    6) Converted the check plate to a midvalve

    What is this and what does it do for performance?

    7) Converted the air chamber above the upper spring seat to a subtank system.

    What is this and what does it do for performance?

    Any info would be helpful.

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    I have had a kingpin over a year now and as much as I respect Dougal I say skip the polished stanctions suggestion.
    The stanctions are chromoly and at least on my fork, every spot where the coating rubbed off has developed corrosion, luckly this happend only in small areas above the crown so it does not effect fork performance. Unless you have some other way of rust proof ing the stanctions removing the black coating would be a very bad idea.

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