Hi all,

Did a search about this and couldnt get a clear answer on the options I had to deal with my squeaking shock. it is a rock shox bar (2.1?) on my jamis parker

I have had this squeak before and greasing all pivot points up seemed to solve it, but I never thought that it was the pivot points anyways. I am 90% sure that the squeak is coming from the shock piston and seal. Is there a specific oil I can use on the piston to stop the squeak? would it be bad to try a drop or 2 of 3 in 1 multipurpose oil? or can I just clean the piston with something.. soapy water, rubbing alcohol?

My lbs is no help to me because they want to do all the work for themselves and cant give me some friggin advice. Maybe there is a good cleaning guide out there? or am I going to have to to a full rebuild of it?