Servicing Magura Laurins

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  • 03-11-2013
    Servicing Magura Laurins
    this weekend i plan to service my Laurins with the right advice i know i can do it , Big thanks to Chris for sorting me the right Enduro seals, now all i need is a check list for tools, i'm guessing i have already got all i need but not sure i have the right size box spanner's for the working on the top bits " air /albert"
    Also i've seen a few treads regaurding these forks and servicng but they are a few years old so can anyone recommend oil weight and amounts, would like them to stop diving under braking.
    A big thanks post any replys :thumbsup:
  • 03-20-2013
    Hi jackthejedi

    So you will need a 28 mm socket in order to remove the compression cartridge (DLO or Albert Select) but first remove the blue top cap by pulling or prying straight up as it is held on by just an o-ring. This exposes the 28 mm cartridge hardware.
    Pull the cartridge out and this exposes the compression and rebound fluid.

    You can also go after the fork from the bottom, to remove the lowers,
    2) 5mm allen headed hardware needs to be removed.
    Slide the lowers off with the fork positioned horizontally to hold any lower lubrication fluid in the lowers.
    Clean the foam rings and re-oil the lowers with 5-7cc of 60 wt in each leg, lubrication oil. Magura Type 5
    You probably do not need to go after the rebound damper cartridge or air piston but if you do, require a 90 degree snap ring plier to remove each snap ring holding the dampers. (warning, remove all air from air chamber prior to removing snap ring!)

    Reverse the process to replace all components.

    Fluid volume can be measured down from the top of the stanchion (after compression cartridge and hardware are removed) to fluid height - 100mm to 110 mm.
    If the fork has been drained and completely dry, then qty of fluid can be used otherwise, measure down inside the stanchion.
    Laurin, all travels - 60 ml volume.

    Compression fluid is Magura Type 2 , (5wt visc)
  • 03-24-2013
    Managed to do the whole service today in under an hour+1/2 including removel of old seals " it was'nt pretty" and fitting new Enduro's , Chris is a top fella.Just hope the ice clears around here soon so i can go for a proper blast.
  • 03-25-2013
    Good job! Now if you want to experiment with the spring curve since you mentioned canceling out some of the "dive," add a few CCs of oil or a dollop of grease into the top of the air chamber. This will reduce the air spring volume and increase your spring curve for a more progressive spring rate. A closed cell elastomer also works nicely inserted into the air chamber as an option to take up air volume also.
    Remember to remove all air prior to going after the air chamber.
  • 03-25-2013
    yep did that, needless to say forks feel better than ever and very little dive under front braking ,very happy bunny
  • 05-13-2013
    Here goes again, hitting a new local trail centre on sunday doing the black run , landed badly on the front end from about 5 feet ,managed to blow all the air out of my forks, i tried after a strip down to pump them up + and - evenly and they seemed ok, pulled the bike out this morning and no air, well it thought so,let out last of the air and dropped the lowers of again which tried to take my head off as the lowers were still under pressure. rebuilt them again putting less than 25psi and they went to full extention which was strange, i tried pumpnig them and they topped out with a loud clunk at 25p.
    Just wanting to know other than sending them to a Magura service centre have i killed them or is there a way i could bring them back to life
  • 05-14-2013
    Sorted " clunk" but still leaking air into the lowers, e-mailed local magura service centre and they are looking 100 for a new air unit, now i dont mind paying for quailty goods but i'm not getting raped ,it is only some plastic and O rings....
    can anyone please help me out as i really dont want to bin the forks.