So I've searched and read pretty much everything I could find on Marz 55s. There's tons of stuff on the 2008s obviously, but I've found very little on the 2009's and Marzocchi's site has very little info as well.

I'm looking for an exploded view and service guide, if it even exists. I have a slight oil seep coming out of the bottom of my right fork leg (rebound side) and the left side has a very small leak coming out of the top cap (ATA side). On top of the seeps, I think the bushings may need to be replaced because the fork makes a little clunking noise.

The fork is still functioning fine, but I don't want to lose too much oil and I assume these leaks are due to deteriorating O-rings. So I figured I'll service the fork and replace everything all at the same time and top the oil back up to where it should be.

Has anyone done any service on a 2009 55 ATA? The diagrams I've seen for the 2008 55 models all seem to be slightly different than my 2009 but I guess I can use those if I have to.