I have a 2010 Fox RLC (pre-Kashima). I have been waiting for Push to get the parts to do the full tune on the FIT cartridge models (that takes into account rider weight etc) but it has been several months now and they are still not offering that service on this fork.

So...it is time for me to get my fork serviced. I can send it back to Push for a standard rebuild that does not tune the fork to my weight and bike.....or I can pick up a used Rockshox Reba RLT and send it to them to have it rebuilt and tuned to my weight and bike (and then sell my Fox on ebay).

So what do you think???

I have done some research on the Fox vs. the Reba and it seems like opinions are pretty well split on that one. This adds another wrinkle complexity to the question.

I think there is a lot to be said for having a fork that is tuned to your weight vs. one that is not.