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    Rockshox Revelation rct3 lockout problems

    for the second time in 4 weeks, the blue motion control lever on my revelation rct3 solo air fork have jammed in the lockout position. when this occurs it loses lockout, and the fork is in effect fully open. on both occasions the problem always occurs when riding home on the road (hence being in lockout) after been out for the day, and I first notice the front end bob when riding up a bank.
    The first time it occurred 4 weeks ago, I took the forks back to the shop - they sent it off to sram, 2 weeks later they came back with a replaced cartridge.
    the forks are 4 months old, - anyone had similar problems? Is there an easy fix? I am no fork expert, but given the time can usually see myself round most things.

    any thought appreciated.

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    Replaced cartridge? There is a damper in the leg, but no cartridge. I'm guessing they just put a new damper in there. The RCT3 damper threads in and out of the stanchion. I'm guessing the spring that loads the compression shims got bound? That's happened to a few people.

    Good luck. It should be fine now.

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    Rockshox Revelation rct3 lockout problems-photo2.jpg

    pulled the damper out and got to the bottom of the problem, deffo a warranty job, though why it is happening is beyond me, if the problem 4 weeks ago was caused by the same issue, which i believe it was, as the end result was exactly the same, then I would love to know why, as twice in 4 weeks on a new set of forks is a bit strange? especially when the damper unit was replaced last time.

    anyway I am no good on technical names, so took a pic. as you can see the metal plate on the top of the rod has chipped, the reverse of the other is the same. why this is failing when in lockout, whilst riding on the least technical surface possible - ie flatish tarmac or track is beyond me? - sorry about the wall paper , missus is away so took the bike apart in the kitchen - she likes the retro stuff.

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    Tell them you want the rlt damper this time

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