I'm a low intermediate xc rider (5'8"/155lbs). The highest jumps I'm comfortable taking right now are about 2feet high. I currently have a 17" hard tail with an 80MM shady Dart 1. Half of my riding is on the pavement with my wife and the other half is/will be pure trail riding w/ jumps.

I need a new fork because just this past weekend I bottomed out my 80mm Dart 1 and it's now squeaking like crazy. I never thought someone with my dimensions and skill level could bottom out a fork! In any case, I've narrowed down my choices to two forks with pro's and con's below (mind you, I'm still a n00b w/ mtn riding so my ratings might be elementary):

Rock Shox Tora 318 Solo Air

Pro's -
Supposedly better overall ride than coil
More adjustable settings to your weight
Great Rock Shox customer service
Lesser maintenance (leaks, breaks) due to the lack of springs

Con's -
Have to buy a pump and maintain the air inside

Marzocchi MX Pro Lockout
Pro's -
Supposedly better overall brand/quality
Don't have to maintain air pressure (don't have to buy a pump)
Good old coild pressure

Con's -
less adjustable settings
More maintenance

Now, i'm not really going to adjust my settings all that much. I'm more of a one setting kind of guy. Assuming the price is the same, which would you recommend?

Many thanks