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    Reverb Stealth Bleed insanity

    Hi all,

    I wasn't sure what forum to post this one in... I have a stealth here, fairly new. I have done the bleeding at the remote and the post works when in the fastest mode, but anything else and the post wont raise/lower. I know on the non-stealths its a simple matter to bleed everything... how on god's green earth do you do a full bleed on a stealth? There is no oil port on the top of the post as in the non-stealths... even under the seat rail mounts, there is only air, again no oil port.

    Any ideas?



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    The bleed port is at the bottom of the post, where the hose exits. The Stealth is the same mechanism as the regular post, just flipped upside down. That's why the air valve is up top, BTW. Yeah, it would be nice if they figured out a way to have the bleed port up top...

    1. get the hose free - get all the zip-ties/cable clips, etc. off so you can freely move the hose.

    2. undo the remote from the bar. like willy, it needs to be free.

    3. undo your frame/post clamp.

    4. slowly and easily get the post up and out of the frame, whilst feeding the hose through wherever it enters the frame. don't want to snag/crimp/bind anything.

    5. once it's out enough to where you can get tot he bleed port, well, there you go.

    6. bleed the same way you'd do the regular post.

    Now, since it's still run throught the frame, you just have to be careful to not kink or damage anything, particularly doing whatever bike gymnastics are required to get the remote end higher than the post end. (i popped the remote into my bench vice - carefully, and had the post sorta' sitting on the rear tire secured with a zip-tie about a foot below)

    7. reverse the process - but only after you've ensured it's working well. While you're at it, make sure your post is at 250psi.

    Doing a good bleed left my Reverb Stealth taint smackingly fast. What also helps is better syringes - the stock plastic things suuuuuck. The stuff that comes with the high zoot Avid brake bleed kit works very well. Just be sure to keep them with the rest of the Reverb stuff, and not your Avid brake stuff so as not to cross-contaminate the fluids and potentially screw up seals. (suspension oil Vs. DOT brake fluid)
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    Make sure you turn the speed adjust knob all the way in and out a few times, then push more fluid through the system via syringes. This dislodges bubbles that may be caught in the mechanism. Push the button in, then use pressure from the syringe to push the button back out. Do this a couple of times as well. Air hides in the button piston area. Make sure the button is ALL the way out before closing the system. Also button up the system when the adjuster is in the full slow position (out).

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    Thanks for the intel guys!

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