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    Replacing a cheap SR Suntour fork

    I've had my bike for 8-9 months now and the original SR Suntour XCR fork is starting to give in. It first started to be a bit noisy first and now after my last ride has became quite loose. All the play is in between the stanchions and lowers. When feeling it with hands you can feel quite a lot of play and it makes a noise every time I go over a bigger bump or a drop or break a bit harder.

    I understand that the fork is not great to start with and I am not even considering trying to fix it, but I'd rather not invest great amount of money into a new fork right now. Without seeing it, do you think it is still safe to ride? I'd like to ride few more weeks before investing into a new one as I can't imagine not riding for few weeks...

    I am a bit confused with which fork should I get next as I am not sure how hard I am riding and what kind of pounding forks can take. I don't have any more experienced riding buddies or don't meet any at the local tracks either due to my riding times so I don't have anyone to compare to. I ride all the local tracks without problems. There are lot of small drops and jumps and short downhill bits and I've always been wondering how much punishment my cheap fork can take, but I think I just got that question answered. I just don't want to deal with the same issue again in 8 months time. I ride only "off road", don't commute or do long rides on roads.

    I was looking at one Marzocchi fork for around 300USD (converted from the local currency) at the LBS and the manual said that you're not allowed to do any drops or jumps with the fork. Yet this fork was recommended by the LBS after i described what I am doing with my bike. That's why I'm posting the question here as well. I probably wasn't allowed to do that with the old fork either according to the manual but I still did.

    My budget is around 300 - 500 USD. Will I be able to get a fork that will last at least 2 years riding as I have described above?

    I haven't checked all the LBS's yet for available models but I know I'll be able to get Marzocchi, Rock Shox and Fox (probably over my budget) forks from here. I've already been suggested in a previous post for not buying anything under Recon Gold or similar, but does anyone have any other ideas from these three or two manufacturers that would do the job? Old fork is 100mm and 1-1/8"

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    These forks might be worth adding to your list too.

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