Hi all, my 26" recon needs its first rebuild which I want to do myself.
For the past month I have been noticing that the sag has been increasing, but my air pressure stays constant so is not leaking (and I havent got any fatter!). In the last week or so, the dust seals have started failing as I am getting oil on the stantions and around the outside of the seals.
I have several questions!
Do I need to service/ dismantle the air tube seeing as it is holding pressure just fine?
What else would cause sag to increase?
Can I just change the dust seals and foam rings and redo new fork oil everywhere it is supposed to go?
Last question - the Rock Shox parts guide has either a solo air service kit (part 11.4310.706.000) which has loads of o-rings, glide rings, clips, washers, but does not have dust seals and foam rings; or basic fork service kit (part 00.4315.032.20) which includes o-rings, the dust seals and foam rings but no bottom out bumpers....

Thanks in advance for wading through my post and providing your thoughts.